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Better Together

Apple Poems


Oak Class took their learning outside into the school garden to look for inspiration in order to create poems about apples. Using their five senses, they compiled a list of keywords and phrases to take back into the classroom. Here are some examples of their finished pieces of work.


I Love Apples

I love apples,

They’re my favourite fruit,

Even though most of my family

eats beetroot.


I say, "Apples are way better,"

But they just say,

“Apples just make the weather wetter.”

Whenever they say that

I just say, “Beetroot makes you fat!”



Hard as a rock,

Squishy as a sponge,

Sour as sherbert,

Scaly, smooth, stripy, they come in different shapes and sizes.

As green as a lime,

As bumpy as a pothole,

As sweet as sugar,



About Apples

Crunchy, crunchy apple,

Red and green,

Scaly, rough and bumpy,

All sizes can be seen.

Bang, bang is the sound as it hits the ground.


Would you like an apple?

Would you like an apple soft and scrummy?

Would you like an apple sweet and sour?

Would you like an apple bumpy or smooth?

Would you like an apple crumbly and mushy?

Would you like an apple with an earwig inside,

sitting on a chair, eating apple pie?


Some Apples

Some apples are sweet,

Some apples are sour,

Some apples are green,

Some apples are red.


Half and half,

Mostly green,

Mostly red,

Red side soft and the green side tough.


Some apples are big,

Some apples are small,

Some apples are rotten,

Some apples are ripe.


Some apples are yuck,

Some apples are yum,

Some apples are sugary,

But they're still yum in MY tum!