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Better Together

Houghton Hall in the Autumn November 2016

Oak Class are undertaking a year long project based at Houghton Hall. We are looking at the changing seasons in the walled garden and woods. We are covering science, maths, art and creative writing inspired by the fantastic grounds and facilities that this stately home has to offer.

"We had to measure each quadrant in one part of the walled garden using a trundle wheel, it was really fun. It helped me understand more about area and perimeter." Poppy

"One of the activities was collecting leaves and different items from the walled garden. We then created an artist's palette which depicted the autumn colours." Courtney

"My favourite sculpture was the big tree house called Skyspace because we could look up to the open sky. It helped me write a good poem. It was great fun and I would really like to go again ( we are!)" Freddie

"I really enjoyed creating my own garden design. It was so much fun, Mrs Shrimpton joined in and I thought it was amazing. I thought the sculptures were really cool." Sean