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Latest News - Castle Acre

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  • Whitebeam at Pensthorpe

    Published 15/02/19

    On Tuesday 12th February Whitebeam went on a school trip to Pensthorpe Nature Reserve.

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  • Caribbean Day!

    Published 31/01/19

    On Monday 27th January we all dressed in colourful clothes for Caribbean Day and Steel Pan Workshop.


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  • Whitebeam's Writing Cafe

    Published 23/01/19

    Whitebeam Class had a cafe focusing on writing. We read a book, Arctic Song, and then tried to make our sentences longer and more interesting. We also tried to make them as descriptive as possible.

    First we had a page out of the book we were focusing on and with the parents help we highlighted verbs, adjectives, nouns and adverbs.

    Next we drew a picture of an arctic animal and decorated it. After that we cut out special templates and tried to describe the animal we chose, making the sentence a little bit longer by adding more words each time.

    Finally, we joined all the pieces together to make a mobile.

    Soon the parents needed a coffee while the children were tidying up.

    Whitebeam say a big thank you to all the parents who came in to help.

    Report by Sophie Wilkinson

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  • Children in Need

    Published 26/11/18

    Spotty Day!

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  • Odd Socks!

    Published 21/11/18

    None in pairs, but who cares?

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  • Animal Dress-Up Day

    Published 06/11/18

    Some of the animals in Castle Acre

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  • London's Burning!

    Published 16/10/18

    London's burning, London's burning,

    Fetch the buckets, fetch the buckets,

    Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!

    Pour on water, pour on water.

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  • Wedding Cake success

    Published 18/07/18

    Shortly before the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, Norse (the Norfolk and Suffolk catering service) ran a competition for school children to design a wedding cake.

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  • Deep in the Amazon rainforest (in Cromer)

    Published 11/07/18

    On Tuesday 3rd July Whitebeam pupils went to Amazona Zoo because our topic is based on Rainforests. When we got there we all got a drink as it was warm. We saw some amazing animals, flamingo, ocelot and tapir.

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  • Den Day in aid of save the children

    Published 11/07/18

    In what is fast becoming a regular feature in the Castle Acre Academy calendar, we once again took part in Den Day in aid of Save the Children Fund.  In an added twist this year we also had a sponsored sleepover at school to raise even more money for The Natural Disaster Fund.

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