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Castle Acre Primary School

Deep in the Amazon rainforest (in Cromer)

On Tuesday 3rd July Whitebeam pupils went to Amazona Zoo because our topic is based on Rainforests. When we got there we all got a drink as it was warm. We saw some amazing animals, flamingo, ocelot and tapir.

After we got there we walked around in our groups, I was with Mrs B, Sophie, Phoebe, Noah and Jacob. First we saw the pink-feathered flamingos. They had a big mirror reflecting them to make them feel they had friends.

Next we carried on walking and saw some other animals. There were some moorhens which were cute but some people were frightened of them.

After that we saw the jaguar which was all on its own because previously its mother had died, but it was still fierce and tough! It had a beautiful orange and black spotty coat.

Then there was a sign that said 'Maras'. This is a type of hare (they were roaming free). They had grey hair, long pointed ears and were very smart.

Soon after we saw some parrots and we saw one of them lying flat on the floor in a box. There were some other ones that were kissing!

A bit later I saw an ocelot. It had a brown, yellow and grey back with black spots on on its back and stripes on its neck.  It looked like a baby but it was full sized.

As we carried on walking we saw some really cute animals but one which really caught all of our eyes was a tapir. There was a mum and a baby. They had really long, dirty noses and big ears and they are really strong. I think this was one of the best! Everyone was pushing towards the gate to see this animal. We kept walking and saw...

...guinea pigs!

These black and brown guinea pigs were really cute. They live in their summer house outdoors but in winter they live in the hot house. They were so cute and adorable I liked seeing them.

After that we saw some other animals like otters. Everyone liked the otter because it had an underwater viewing zone. It was swimming and getting out, then it went in the ditch. It was really sweet.

We had lunch (we were ravenous) and then went on the inflatable pillow which was really bouncy. We also went on the play park, then we came back to where we started.  When we got back there were millions of birds and geese which were looking for crumbs from our lunch!

We put all our stuff in a pile and went to the hot house. It felt damp, humid and soggy and smelt fusty.

We came out, had an ice cream and got on the bus.  We all liked this day at the zoo. Poppy liked it because she got to see the jaguar, Leyla liked the green anaconda, Maddie liked it because she got to have an ice cream, Nikola's favourite was the ocelot and I liked all the animals but the jaguar is my favourite.

Report by Charlotte

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