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Castle Acre Primary School

Whitebeam at Pensthorpe

On Tuesday 12th February Whitebeam went on a school trip to Pensthorpe Nature Reserve.

There was a man called Allan who took us around for the day. First we went to a classroom to refresh on what a habitat is, then we went outside to feed some birds. After that we went back to the classroom to complete a worksheet about habitats.

In the afternoon we learnt about adaption and had a little quiz to do. it was really fun! We also went on a walk to look at the red squirrels and the flamingos. When we got to the red squirrel enclosure we so one chomping on a nut. Next we saw the flamingos and learnt a few facts about them. One of the facts was they have webbed feet so when they go into soft mud they don't sink.

Finally, Whitebeam finished the day going to play in the Hootz House.

Report by Sophie Wilkinson

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