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Castle Acre Primary School

1A - Thursday tasks 26/3/20 - Roman day

This should have been our class Roman day.  So, here are a range of tasks that were planned, in addition to the daily Math and English task that is provided for each day

The children are welcome to try as many Roman tasks as they want to, with the aim of doing at least one as their 3rd task for the day.  Some involve cooking, so could be done at any point - once you have the ingredients needed. 

If the children want to - these extra tasks can be done any day as an "extra" - or even during the Easter break.

There is a dance to learn/try if the children like it - but please be aware - this is linked to the film "Rotten Romans" by the "horrible histories" team - so is PG.

The "signed" Roman song that the children like also has a link on this page, as does the BBC schools radio series. 

I have linked to the main page - so the children could listen to the full lessons for each song if they wanted to - or simply scroll down to practise the songs they planned to sing to parents that were hoping to attend.

Above all else - enjoy.