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Castle Acre Primary School

2017 Literary Heritage in Poetry

 During our English lessons, Oak Class have been looking at the literary heritage in poetry. We have analysed the poem 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae, looking for features such as rhyming couplets, stanzas, syllables, rhyming words and repetition.

We then went on to write our own poems. Here are some of the finished pieces of work.


                                                            Petrified at the Train Station


Everyone was leaving home,

I knew it would happen to me,

But I did not expect it to be so soon,

Now I'm standing all alone,

Petrified at the train station.


I cried and cried,

Then I tried to hide,

But they found me in the end,

I knew it would happen, I really did,

But my efforts were of no use,

Now I'm standing next to you,

Petrified at the train station.


We had no idea where we were going,

But it was probably somewhere up north,

I held your hand as tight as I could,

Petrified at the train station.


Now that we are here,

I don't know how I will feel,

As strangers cluster round us,

I grasp for your hand,

But you're no longer there,

And I think how much better it was,

Being petrified at the train station.


A strange lady pulled me out,

"This one will do," she said,

I tried to go back to find you,

But here I am,

Even further from home than when I was,

Petrified at the train station.


There were no friendly faces,

In this strange, posh, country house,

The Lady's children bully me,

They call me a city mouse,

And I think how much I long to be there,

Much nearer to home,

Petrified at the train station.

         Heather - Yr4



Being Evacuated


When the bus came to

take me away,

I knew everyone was

dreading this day,

I got on the bus and

waved goodbye,

I then realised

people are going to die,

Being evacuated.


I got out of the bus and

I started to shiver,

I looked up at the house

and my lip started to quiver.

I got in the house and scratched

my ear,

But then in the field I

saw some deer.

Being evacuated.


I then wrote a letter but

I broke the lead,

But then I was told

to go to bed,

I went to go and have

some breakfast,

I was then told I

will go home at last!

Being evacuated.

Alfie - Yr 6



My Journey


I was standing at the

train station,

Shivering, quivering and crying,

I felt like I was dying,

My journey.


I was shocked,

at my new school,

I might get mocked,

I had butterflies,

I wanted to go home,

My journey.


I was shaking,

I was getting cold,

I was stiff, screaming, covering my face,

I was nervously giggling,

I was sad,

My journey.


As I walked on the train,

I waved my mother goodbye,

And as the police walked me on I got mad,

I was very sad,

My journey.


When we got there,

I straight away ran,

A policeman got me

and dragged me back,

My shoes really scraped,

My journey

Sean - Yr 5