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Castle Acre Primary School

Alliterative Poetry

Oak Class have been enjoying writing poems containing alliteration. Using 'F for Fox' by Carol Ann Duffy as an example, they chose an animal and then created a bank of words to describe various aspects of their animal - all having the same beginning sound.

Some fantastic poems were produced, here are just a few.


'P for Pig'

The pig plodded along the road on his little hooves,

To find a peaceful, private farm before him,

He found peas, parsnips and potatoes,

He ate until he was as plump as a panda,

He fell asleep in a peculiar place,

The proud farmer came and picked-up the peaceful pig

and that's the end of the pig,



Noah Savory - Year 4


'S for Snake'

Stealthily, the scaly snake slithered towards his prey,

Smart snake speedily hid behind a tree,


Scowling, the sneaky serpent flicked his tongue,

Senselessly, a frog hopped closer to the sly snake,

Excitedly, the sharp-minded snake was ready to pounce.

High in the trees above, a screeching sparrow scared the frog away,

The snake stayed hungry. 

A Year 5 pupil


'D for Dog'

The determined dalmatian called Dan went down into the dawn,

He went into the dusty desert to dig,

Dan disturbed the whole desert until he darted off,

The spotty, dotty dalmatian disgustingly ate his tea.

Dan disappeared into the dawn like a dancing deer

delighted to disguise himself from the dark.

When his tummy was full,

Dan dashed to a tree

and lazily sat on the dirty dust,

Until a farmer frightened him off,

So he decided to dance to Dunstable.

On his way, he saw a deer,

which darted off deliberately,

Dan cleaned his dirty dots, until they were spick and span,

He was determined to dance and prance

because he was shining like gold,

Dan's adventure was done.

Etholle Holt - Year 5


'F for Ferret'

The frightened ferret fled through the forest,

Away from the famished falcon who swooped above him,

His fur fell flat on his back

as he flew through the forest and out the other side.

Frightened ferret,

Famished ferret, darting down rabbit holes,

Flexible ferret, sliding beneath garden gates,

Fragile ferret, as thin as can be.

The frightened ferret crept through the farm,

Fearlessly flowing over pigsties and under ladders,

Until at last, he found a rabbit hutch and he chewed through the door,

Breaking his fast with a fanatic feast!


Fiona, the farmer's daughter, full of fun and joy,

Skipped down the garden path,

To feed her pet bunny...

But, as soon as she opened the door, the frantic ferret came hurtling out,

Fluff and fur floating out of his mouth,

And, bursting into tears, Fiona chased him away. 


The fat ferret travelled all over the country,

Through fields and forests,

Enduring thunder, fog and rain,

Before coming to a field filled with rabbits,

What a glorious sight!

So the ferret found a safe place,

Full of food,

At last! 

Heather Manisty - Year 5


'S for Sloth'

Skanky, screeching sloth slowly swinging through the trees,

Sulky, starving sloth greedy for some food,

Silently stepping on the leaves,

Watch out sloth, there's a predator pouncing at you!

Scream, snarl, scare them away,

Use your sharp claws and swipe the predator away,

He has a savage spine-chilling nerve down his back,

Shocked sloth.

Sean Bolton - Year 6