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Castle Acre Primary School

Author Visit

James Campbell (Boyface) Books


Oak Class participated in an enjoyable 2-hour session with author James Campbell on the 10th January 2017. They looked at different ways to generate and expand ideas when completing a creative writing task.

At the start, James modelled the process of thinking of a situation that he had experienced, linked to a family pet. He created just one sentence as a starting point. He moved on to showing this as an illustration, which he then labelled. Next he developed ideas from the labels, so that he could write a short story.

Soon it was the children's turn. Lots of creative ideas emerged alongside a cacophony of laughter ('James is so hilarious' - child's comment).

A fantastic experience was enjoyed by all the children.

'Today we had a visit from an author/comedian called James Campbell. I learnt that when you make something wrong there is a way to make it better. I think the funniest part was when we heard his stories' - Alfie

'On the 10th January, James Campbell visited us to help us to create a story draft. The funniest bit was when he was talking about the pets. He helped us to learn how to start and finish a story' - Christopher

'James Campbell came to do a workshop in our class. He is a famous author and comedian. I have learnt some good ways to write stories and that everything you want to write your story about isn't right or wrong. The best thing was drawing and labelling the picture and the funniest thing was when he talked about sitting on bottoms. James Campbell is HILARIOUS!' - Ebony