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Narborough Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together

Badgers Class

Teacher:  Ms wright

TA: Miss More 

Year 3/4 lower Key Stage 2

Over the summer break Gardening Club will be taking place, for those who are current members, it will be on Wednesdays 10am - 12 noon.  Please check this page for updates.

Gardening club next meeting:  

Wednesday 31st July 10am - 12 noon.  

Wednesday 7th August NO GARDENING CLUB.

Wednesday 14th August 10am - 12 noon.

 Please keep up to date with our progress through our Gardening Club section on this page. 


This is page will be updated with Autumn 2019 information shortly, but for now please feel free to reflect upon our Summer learning.



Homework this year will continue to be shared weekly (every Wednesday) with children being expected to choose from a variety of different tasks that are linked to out topic, science and The Wildlife Trust's #30DaysWild learning this half term.  The full list of choices can be found at the bottom of this page from Monday 10th June 2019.  


This half term our topic is Coasts:  What can we do to protect our coasts? In our learning enquiry we will be investigating different UK and world wide coastal features, how our coasts changing and the impact we are having on our marine life so that we can begin to answer our enquiry question; combining the study of geography and PSHE we will consider our responsibilities and what action we can take to protect our coasts.  To enrich our Coasts topic we will be visiting the Sea Life centre in Hunstanton to see the work they do to help marine life and then complete a beach clean to support one of our local coastlines.

In English we will be focussing on writing to persuade, specifically leaflets.  We will be studying a variety of campaign texts to support the children's learning of this fundamental writing skill as well as looking in depth at two texts that address the global impact of waste, Galimoto by Karen Lynn Williams and One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul.  The children will be given the opportunity to create their own leaflets to persuade others to consider their impact when throwing away waste and will support their learning in Science and Topic.   

Over the half term our children will also be given daily opportunities to explore a variety of reading texts as part of our Reading Masters program.  This is intended to support the  weekly Reading Vipers.



In Maths we will be continuing to combine the White Rose approach with the National Curriculum to provide our children with a broad and exciting learning experience.  To help support our class based learning in Maths we ask the children to practise their multiplication tables at home and we will provide weekly maths challenges to allow them to show their progress on our Maths Mountain!  We will also be introducing 15 minute Maths Meetings three times a week, which will take place outside the regular Maths lessons, to continue to promote our children's progress in this subject area.  



Click here for a Maths website that has lots of accessible Maths games to help your child practise our learning in class and their mental Maths strategies.



Our Science enquiry this half term is Living things and their habitats:  How are environmental changes affecting living things?  This is designed to enable our children to explore how and why habitats are changing for many living things and the extent to which we can help those animals who are becoming endangered.   We will ask scientific questions and consider how we might be able to record our findings in a variety of ways to think scientifically about this enquiry focus.  There will be lots of great opportunities for scientific enquiry and experiments - including nature walks and outdoor learning in our garden area.


In Religious Studies will be posing the question: How can belief be expressed?   The children will be able to explore contrasting explanations, ask questions and discuss their understandings of these complex and thought provoking customs.  We will be researching features of different religious, and non-religious, groups to discuss how expression varies - including looking at art, music and dance as examples of expressing belief.  As part of our Religious Studies we will also be welcoming back into our school Mrs Houlder-Moat, Families worker at RAF Marham Chaplaincy, to join us on our sponsored walk to raise funds for Shelter Box and our planned school kitchen area. 


For the Summer term, Badgers Class will take part in P.E on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning.  On Tuesdays, weather permitting, sport will take place outside and on Thursday we will be swimming.  Please ensure that appropriate kit is in school on these days!


Every Friday (a change from our previous day Thursday due to swimming) we will have a dedicated reading and library session where the children will be given the freedom to pick a book of their choice from the library - this is as well as their reading book.  During these dedicated reading sessions we will be encouraging the children to explore text in depth using the Reading VIPERS method. Children will continue to be expected to read at least 3 times a week outside school to an adult; please use their reading records to record questions discussed, words of difficulty or general comments about the reading - these will be checked regularly throughout the week.  

If a book is chosen and is not being enjoyed, I have no problem with them changing it as soon as they can. 

As a school we use PATHS to promote positive thinking and attitudes.  We have a child of the day each day who has special privileges and receives compliments from their class mates.  We have a positive behaviour for learning in Badgers Class and this is shown on our behaviour chart.  When children display good choices in their behaviour for learning they climb the chart, earn points and ultimately golden tickets for the half term prize draw.  This year we have also introduced the house points system too - the more individual points you earn, the more your house team collects!