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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together

DAY 2 Tuesday 24th March


YR- Read Superworm by Julia Donaldson/watch together. Can you hear which words rhyme? Have a go at writing some of them using your super letter formation, aiming for up to 6 (see 1st page for letter formation and sound mats) in a list. Don't worry if you can't hear all the sounds, just write what you can hear. Can you think of any other words which rhyme with the ones in your list?

Y1- Today we are learning about spelling words which end in the letter "y". Please see the powerpoint at the bottom of the page. Some words which sound like they end with the "ee" sound are tricking us and actually end with the letter "y". Practise spelling some of the words on a whiteboard or write as a list in your book.

Complete the "What am I?" activity use the word bank to help you find the right missing word. You just need to complete the answer, " I am..... 

*Challenge*  Try using the look-cover-write-check technique you use for learning your spellings. Choose 3 words to practise writing. You might like to write them in different rainbow colours to help remember the spelling.


Use the Topmarks 100 square to count to 20/30/50/100. Can you remember which direction to go on a 100 sq? Get your adult to choose some numbers for you to find and colour them in using the paint.

YR- visit for today's maths lesson: "The Egg Hunt". The story is just like the bear hunt we have read in Robin Class! To watch this story on youtube follow this link If you haven't got any eggs, have fun creating and making some different coloured paper/play dough ones for the activity. You do not need to take a long time making them.

Y1- visit and watch lesson 2's video and answer the questions (not 3). You may like to complete the reasoning question attached at the bottom of this page as well.


See Tapestry for which phonics task you should do-

Group 1- follow the oral segmenting and blending plan at the bottom of the page. You might also want to practise the flashcards for Phase 2 and 3 on Phonics Play and practise reading Phase 2 words on buried treasure/ picnic on pluto.

Group 2- Watch the super Mr Mc to do your phonics lesson. He is so fun! Just remember that when we write letters at school we always start from the line and whoosh up with our "leady line". Write some of the words in your book or on a whiteboard if you have one.

Group 3- Flashcards Phase 3 and 5a on Phonics Play. Use this link to remember the sounds and to help your grown ups!

Today is all about learning to read the tricky words- don’t, who, Mr, Mrs and the decodable word "old". Get your grown up to write them on pieces of paper or card and put them around your house or outside. Make up a game where you have to "high five" the word and say it (high, low, loud or quiet), make it as energetic as you like! If you already read these words- try writing them in salt/sugar/ketchup/with water and a paintbrush/ on playdough and make it fun : )

Topic- Our enquiry question at the moment is all about bugs and plants. Today, I would like you to take a trip outside in to your garden. What different bugs can you find? Are there any things you could move to find them? If there are, why are they underneath things? Do they have an endo-skeleton(on the inside of their body)  or an exo-skeleton (on the outside of their body?) Share what you have found with your grown ups. Maybe they could put a picture on Tapestry so I can see what you have found.