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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together


Morning all, 

Reading : Please read for 10 -15 minutes and either write a paragraph summarising what was read or a book review. Alternatively write a paragraph telling us what you think of one of the main characters. 

English : Today I would like you to make a sandwich of choice if you can and write yourself some notes that you would use to tell someone what to do. So what are the different steps. Have a little think about where it might be easy for someone to go wrong? What special tips might they need? Eg to only butter the bread on one side. 


Please practise the spelling rule on the website for 10 minutes. There is a segmenting link and a link for practise and test on this website. Write down your score and see if you were more confident than yesterday .You can message me your score on class dojo

year 2:

Year 3:    


Watch this video to practise our 4 times table.  

Maths : we are going to continue looking at written methods for multiplication but using more of the 4 times  table than yesterday

YEAR 2: Watch this video on a numberline and then solve the questions attached below.

Year 3: watch this video on the grid method and then solve the questions attached below.  

Spanish : Please log on to the language nut website using the details you were sent before from Miss Clifton. Spend at least 20 minutes online 

RE  -  Enquiry Question:  How do Christians belong to their faith family?


Week 2 – Baptism

Following on from last week, did you get time to think about what a family is or what it might look like?   Christians belong to a faith family.  Can you think of any special places Christians might go to?  What do they do when they get there?  

Do they take part in special occasions/events?  I.e. christenings/baptisms, weddings, funerals, harvest, Christingle, Easter etc) 

Today we are going to explore what happens during a Christian Baptism/Christening.

If you are able to, please watch the BBC video clips below.  


1)   Then draw  a large cross/ or make a poster and inside it write examples of when Christians get together. List as many as you can think of eg Easter, Christmas. You could add in an explanation of what happens at these celebrations.