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Sporle Primary Academy

Friday, 29th January

Welcome to Fabulous Friday!

Quick Write: Sick sentences

Look at the powerpoint below, to have a go at improving these sentences.

Hint: you could add adjectives to add detail (2A sentences), start the sentences with adverbs (fronted adverbials), start the sentences with an emotion, start the sentences with an ‘ing’ verb etc.

How many different improvements can you make?

(You may choose to use some of your improved sentences in your setting description)



Daily 10

Encourage pupils to practise their times tables by clicking on the link below. This will give 10 questions based around recall of the times tables facts.

  • Click on the daily 10 image.
  • At the top of the page, you should see 3 ‘choose’ tabs
  • 1st tab: Choose level 4 (year 4) or level 5 (year 5)
  • 2nd tab: Multiplication, Choose mixed tables up to x12
  • Then you should see a range of question intervals at the bottom of the page…try starting with 7 seconds to begin with.
  • Upload your score to dojo to let your teacher know how you got on.


You could also try selecting division to practice using your knowledge of times tables to solve related division questions.

 White Rose Maths

Note: this week there are separate lessons for year 4 and year 5 children.

Year 4: Multiplication and division check

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about multiplication and division. Test your knowledge by having a go at the multiplication and division questions below. Think carefully about using your strategies to help you answer the questions. How many can you get right!

Note to parents: there is a separate sheet for multiplication and a separate sheet for division. I would recommend giving children a break in between the two worksheets.

Parents: I have also uploaded the answer sheet (Y4 MATHS ANSWERS) for you to refer to.

Year 5: Multiplication and Division check

You have worked really hard to learn new efficient strategies for multiplication and division. Test your knowledge by having a go at the questions. Think carefully about using your new strategies to work out the answers. See how many you can get right.

Parents: I have also uploaded the answer sheet (Y5 MATHS ANSWERS) for you to refer to.

 Extra challenge: Word Problems

Now you are multiplication masters and dynamic dividers, can you write your own multi-step word problems involving multiplication and division? Upload your word problems to dojo and they may shared through the power of dojo to challenge your class mates.


English: Setting Description

Today you ae going to be writing your own setting description of a frozen landscape. You will need to describe the setting through describing what you can see, hear, smell, taste, feel.

Click on the link below to watch a short video for inspiration. You may wish to make notes of what you can see/hear/feel/smell/taste as you watch the video.

Use this video as inspiration for your writing.

In your setting description, you will need to use a range of descriptive devices e.g.

  • expanded noun phrases,
  • similes
  • metaphors
  • powerful vocabulary

Hint: some of the expanded noun phrases and similes and metaphors you created earlier this week can be used in your writing.

Vary the start of your sentences (so they don’t always start with ‘I’) by using:

  • Fronted adverbials
  • Conjunctions

Also, think carefully about your punctuation…

  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Commas
  • Exclamation marks


D&T/Art/History: Design and make a Roman shield.

Use the powerpoint below to learn about the features of a Roman shield and how they were used in battle. Design your own Roman shield, with decorations that demonstrate your strength to intimidate your enemy.


Home Learners: Design technology: Foodie Friday!!!

My favourite day of the week, with my favourite task of the week! Get creative in the kitchen! Knock up a snack, as sweet treat, a healthy meal...whatever you fancy. Can you try to make something that involves careful measuring of ingredients (e.g. weighing/ capacity of liquids). Can’t wait to see some of your fabulous creations. Channel your inner chef/ bake-off contestant… (Extra bonus points may be awarded if you clean up after you too!)

Have a fantastic weekend!!!