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Narborough Primary Academy

Friday 15th January


Well done for trying hard to learn your spellings this week. See if you can ask your adult to have a go at testing you on your words to see how many you can write correctly. You can upload your scores onto Class Dojo!

Writing task

Today you are continuing with the task of writing your own fact file for Polar bears. Think carefully about your presentation, handwriting and interesting sentence starters. I look forward to seeing your finished fact files!

Maths task

As it is Friday, choose one of your favourite games to play from the website links below. Perhaps you would like to try and beat one of your scores from this week!

Main session

Today we will finish the week with some more worded addition problems. Remember to show your working out. The powerpoint and addition sheets are in the 'Friday' folder. If you are finding adding two 2-digit numbers a little tricky go back to adding a 1-digit number to any 2-digit number until you feel more confident.  


This half term our focus is Christianity and our enquiry question is

‘How do Christians belong to their faith family?’

If you are able to, please listen to the story ‘The Great Big Book of Families’ by Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith:

If you are unable to access the story, please talk to your child about different families.  Families may be large, small, live in one house or spend time in different houses.  They may live in flats, bungalows or houses.  They may have lots of pets or no pets…

Can you describe the family you belong to?  What do you like to do with your family?

Do you belong to any other groups?  How would other people know what different groups/families you belong to?  Maybe you play football for a club and wear the team’s football kit?  Are you a Brownie?  What is faith?  What do you think a faith family is?  What do you think a faith family might like to do?


  • Please draw and label your family and any different groups that you may belong to.
  • Write about what you like to do with your family.