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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together


Morning Woodpeckers

Hope you had a good weekend.  

PE Please join in with Joe Wick's PE lesson live at 9am

Reading: Can you read for 10 minutes? Then can you either write a book review or a summary of what you read today?  

Download the reading comprehension below for your year group and answer the questions about the text. Pick the challenge suitable for your child


Year 2: We are going to practise wr at the beginning of a word. Please play segment cards and then practise 

Year 3: we are practising the sion ending at the end of words . Please play segment cards and then practise 


L.O: I understand and order features of a letter

This week we are going to find out more about what it is like to do different jobs and why people do them. To do this we are going to write letters to them to find out more about how and why they got into them.

We need to know how to write letters. Read the model letter or watch Miss Behan explain here 

Look for these features

-address of sender

- date

- Dear

- introduction using ‘I am writing to’

- more detail in paragraphs

- yours faithfully at the end


Challenge: Download the letter.  Someone has mixed up the order of the letter. Can you re-write the letter in the correct order ?


Please go to  and play 5x , 3x and 4x tables. 

Then we are comparing numbers and using the greater than and less than symbol to show which is largest. Watch the video here and then download the worksheet below to complete. 


ART:  Download the powerpoint all about Van Gogh. 

First write yourself down 5 facts about Van Gogh. Then have a go at creating your own version of his iconic sunflower picture.