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Narborough Primary Academy

Monday 23rd March

Please see below the home learning activities for today. Any worksheets and Powerpoints listed should be available in the attachments section. 

English: Spelling

Y1 - Read the words with alternative ways of making the 'oa' phoneme. In your exercise book can you sort and write the words into different lists: ow oe oa ough o_e o

Y2 - Read the words ending in 'tion'. Write the words in your exercise book. Choose three of the words and write a sentence using your chosen words e.g. potion - The children made their own potions in the garden.


Warm up:

Y1 and 2 Daily ten - Level 1 - Subtraction - Up to 20 - Minus One-Digit Number

Y2 only Daily ten - Level 1 - Subtraction - Missing Number Calculations - Up to 20 Format C 16-_=9

You can set your own time for completing the daily 10. We normally choose 15 seconds. If your child finds it too tricky you can select the manual option so they can go at their own pace.

Main activity:

Watch the powerpoint on subtraction. You will notice that for each slide in the right hand corner it will have a Y1 or Y2. Skip to the slides that are relevant for your child's year group. 

Y1 - Complete the Number Line Subtraction worksheet. You can copy the calculations into your exercise book if you don't have access to a printer. There are two differentiated sheets. The sheet with one star is easier and the sheet with three stars is harder. Your child can choose the one they think they can have a go at.

Y2 - Complete the subtraction sheet of 2-digit numbers. Encourage your child to show their working out either by drawing their tens and ones or by partitioning the numbers e.g. 42-21 so 40-20 = 20 then 2-1 = 1 then 20+1 =21. Write the calculations into your exercise book unless you have access to a printer.

Science activity:

Watch the powerpoint 'Animals including Humans'. The last slide will ask 'What are the basic needs of animals?' Y1 list the needs in your exercise book. Y2 write sentences saying what the animals needs are and why. Both year groups can copy the words 'Herbivore', 'Omnivore' and 'Carnivore' in your books and draw an animal to go with each heading.