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Sporle Primary Academy


Morning Woodpeckers 


HAPPY WORLD BOOK DAY! Hope you are all safe and well. Today we will do a lot of book related activities. 

This morning: 

Please log on spellingframe and I have set you up a password which I will send you via class dojo. Do the test you have been set. Now you have full access it means all of the games are available so please play them. Spelling tiles has some great sorting game as does segment tiles and then you can use the test function. 

Reading : please log on to Oxford Owl and read a book for 10 minutes. Don't forget you can press play and hear the audio too. 

For the rest of the day, as part of our celebration of World Book Day we have some book based activities. 

MATHS : Please find any page of your favourite book or magazine. Download the adjective/verb word sort sheet at the bottom. For each word on your page, decide whether it is an adverb, adjective, noun or verb and put it in the right column by marking a tally. This is a little line. Remember when you get to 5, you 'close the gate' and draw a line across the other 4. Answer the questions below. 

Which word type was there the most of in your book? 


Which word type was there the least of?  


What was the difference between the biggest and smallest? 


English : Today you have 2 choices. You can either write a recount of yesterday's book talk with Michael Rosen. This is where you explain to someone else what happened. Or, you can write a thank you letter to him. 

Don't forget to say what you found out and what he told you about. Which were your favourite bits? 

ART :  Download the bookmark template and have a go at designing your own bookmark. If you bring it in to school with you, we can always laminate it next week.