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Sporle Primary Academy


Morning Woodpeckers. 

Hope you are all well and safe. 

Reading: please complete one comprehension (text with questions) from your pack or alternatively read for 10 minutes and write a summary for me here. We will have our group zooms this afternoon. 


Year 2: Practise the sound WR at the beginning of the words

Year 3:   we are learning the suffix -ation   



Our letter to a policeman is written in formal style. We always use formal language when we want to be polite to someone we  don’t know yet. We are more likely to get an answer.

1) Have a look at the powerpoint on formal language

2) Download the  formal language worksheet and have a go at the challenges in your book

3) Open the letter up again to the policeman. Find 4 examples of where the writer has been formal and polite and copy these in your book in your neatest handwriting.


Year 2 : watch this video then complete the worksheet attached below

year 3:  


SPANISH: please log on to language nut and spend 20 minutes practising  

MUSIC :  Please log on to your music and practise for 15 minutes. 

SCIENCE :  Please watch this video on forces. You'll need a pencil and a piece of paper