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Sporle Primary Academy


Morning all,

Read: please read for 10 to 15 minutes and then choose from either writing a character description, summarising what they read or writing  a book review. 


We are going to be answering questions about a text. Please download the correct reading comprehension below and have a go. 


Before we come back to school, we are going to be revising how to divide on a numberline. 

Year 2s watch the video here and then download the questions below

Year 3s watch the video here and then download the questions below


We are going to be writing our diary today as if we were the girl in the story. Re watch the video to remind yourself what happened to her in the story

Diaries need to give detail as to WHAT happened and HOW you felt /emotions

Read the model as an example of a diary and notice how it is written in 1st person using ‘I’ instead of she

Download the sentence openers sheet and have a go at writing a diary entry as if you were the girl


log on to language nut using your login that Miss Clifton gave you. 


We are going to be looking at why rivers are important to people. 

Watch the video here. You'll need a pencil and a piece of paper