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Sporle Primary Academy


Morning Woodpeckers 

READING: read your Oxford Owl Ebook. Today try reading the pages to an adult at home without using the audio button.  Then your challenge is to write 5 questions about the text.

Use these question starters if you need ideas 

eg What is the .... 

     Find the word which means  . 

    How many ... 

    What does the... 


Year 2s : practise adding -er to the end of words

Year 3s : suffix ation  


Today we are looking at symmetry of 2d shapes 

Watch the video here   then download the worksheet below 

Year 3s watch this video on parallel and perpendicular lines  and then download the worksheet below


Formal language challenge. Look at the powerpoint on formal language for how apostrophes for contraction are shortening two words. 

Today, there is a little problem. Someone has written a letter but at the moment it is NOT polite and formal enough.

1) Underline all of the places where it is not formal. Has it used an apostrophe and it shouldn’t have? Or has it not been polite enough eg What a cool thing.

2) Re-write the letter in your neatest handwriting. Your challenge is to improve it so it is MORE POLITE AND FORMAL. You will need to change all of the parts where you had underlined.



Today we are looking at horizontal joins. Download the worksheet and copy down the sounds and words in your neatest handwriting