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Narborough Primary Academy

Week 2 - April 1st


Reading - April fools day comprehension sheet. 

Y1 - Use the sheet with one star at the bottom. Read the text and questions and copy the answers to the questions in your book.

Y2 - As above but choose the sheet with either two or three stars at the bottom. 


Daily ten - Level 2 Multiplication

Y1 - x2 (Remind children to count in 2's on their fingers e.g. 4x2 count in 2's on four fingers)

Y2 - x2 x5 x10

Year 1 Week 2 Lesson 4 

Year 2 Week 2 Lesson 3


Enjoy a little time in your garden using your senses to discover new things! Listen carefully to the sounds. Can you hear any birds singing? Look around you really carefully. Maybe you will notice something you hadn't spotted before. You may even spot a mini-beast! What can you smell? The flowers? Freshly mown grass? What can you feel? The gentle breeze on your skin? The warmth of the sun?

Y1 - make a list and draw pictures of what you discover using your senses. Try to do your best handwriting for this activity.

Y2 - Use a range of interesting adjectives to describe what you discover using your senses. Try to write at least one sentence for each sense and remember to do your best handwriting!