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Narborough Primary Academy

Week 2 Thursday 25th June

Phonics / Spelling / SPAG

Y1 - Download the 'au' phoneme spotter. Read the text and spot the words with the 'au' sound. Put a circle around them. Have a go at answering the questions on the sheet.

Y2 - Download the punctuation sheet. Read the sentences and fill in the missing punctuation. Have a go at writing a sentence for each type of punctuation.


Y1 Watch the Whiterose video for Lesson 4 Comparing numbers (2) then complete the worksheet attached. Here is the link - Whiterose Homelearning

Y2 - As you have completed your lesson on position and movement today we are going to try and practise some of our problem solving skills for measuring - this will help you remember the work we have learned on measuring. Here is the link Daily Bitesize Maths Year 2. You should be able to download the worksheets from the site.


Y1 - Think of some ways you could describe the Browns. Write them all down as you think of them. Group the adjectives together (kind, welcoming, smiling).

Adjectives are often used to tell a reader more about something, adding some description or detail.

Y2 – Same as the  Y1 task. Once you have thought of your adjectives can you write a few sentences that Paddington might say in a conversation to his Aunt Lucy? Here is an example: ‘The Browns are such a kind and generous family and could not have made me feel more welcome!’


If you have finished your topic activity from this week and want to make a start on an art project please see the attachment for ideas. This is optional.