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Narborough Primary Academy

Week 3: Monday 29th June

Phonics / SPAG / Spelling

Below is the link for an interactive spelling game for you to try which helps you practise and check your ability to spell the common exception words. 

Little Bird Spelling - When the link opens you will need to select the correct year group at the top of the page and then press the green 'go' button. A word will appear which you need to read and look carefully at so you can try and remember how to spell it. When you click on the word it will disappear and you have to try and spell it by clicking on the correct letters.

Additional activities to try if you wish:

Y1 - Look at the worksheet called 'Revising oo' in the attachments. Sound out and blend the words. If you have a printer you can match the words to the pictures. You might be able to think of some other words to add to the list!

Y2 - Download the Powerpoint 'Synonyms' in the attachments. Read the powerpoint and join in with the activities.


Y1  Click on the link -  Whiterose Year 1

Watch and join in with the video activities for Lesson 1 Ordering Numbers. Complete the worksheet in the attachments.

Y2 Click on the link - Whiterose Year 2

Watch and join in with the video activities for Lesson 1 Measure mass in grams. Complete the worksheet in the attachments.


Listen to the myth: why is the sea salty

Year 1

Create a picture to show how the sea became salty, and add a caption to your picture to explain what is happening.

Years 2

Draw between 3 to 6 pictures in your book to show the main events of the story - make sure they are in sequence! Remember to add a caption to each picture to describe what is happening.


What are fish? Find out by clicking on the link below.