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Castle Acre Primary School

World Book Day - March 2020

WBD-2020-Carousel_SAVE-THE-DATE_920-x-768 - World Book Day

On Thursday 5th March 2020, Oak Class celebrated World Book Day by coming into school dressed as book characters - we had some fantastic and imaginative costumes. They also brought their favourite book into school.

Children participated in activities throughout the day. They wrote a diary entry relating to a character and created an alternative blurb and front cover for their favourite books.


The Secret Diary of Felix - by Bosco

Dear Diary,

Today I was woken by the sound of a partisan screaming, he had frostbite. I walked out of our bunker trying not to wake up the other partisans. I got to the ladder that leads up to the surface, however the ladder was freezing, it was colder than me putting my hand in ice cubes and water. I didn't have a jumper on, just a t-shirt and trousers that barely fitted me. I climbed up the ladder as quickly as I could, but when I got to the top, the ground was completely covered with snow. The last time I saw snow like that was when Mum and Dad took me to the park.

The sight of Tuli made me jump. She told me to go with her. She took me to another bunker; I climbed down the equally as cold ladder into what looked like a storage room. Tuli chucked me a big coat which I put on and suddenly felt so much warmer. I thanked her, but she just smiled.

We went back up to the surface and the screaming started again. Tuli led me into Doctor Zajak's bunker. Again, we went down the cold, frosty ladder into a small room which contained lots of medical equipment. In the middle was a partisan laying on a large table. Doctor Zajak said in a sad and gentle voice, "You are too late, he is dead..."


A new blurb for my Favourite book - by Etholle

Jack of Diamond appears to have tricks up his sleeves, he is searching for the mysterious Moonlocket.

Dark secrets from Robert put him in danger.

Lily and Malkin (the mechanical fox) have to be clever and stay ahead of Jack's final, deadly card.


A New Blurb For my Favourite Book - by Maddie

The worst birthday in the world, dark warnings from a strange house, an elf called Dobby and a rescue from his horrible aunt and uncle's in a flying car with his friend Ron.

At Hogwarts for his second year, his summer was complete with mayhem - at least that's what Harry thought - until strange whispers filled the empty corridors and the attacks started... Dobby's predictions were coming true.



Please look at the photos and some of the book covers by clicking on the link above right