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Castle Acre Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together

World Book Day 2019

Our current school focus is Global Citizenship, so for World Book Day each class at Castle Acre focused the day around a story from another culture.

'Rainbow Bird' by Eric Maddern is a traditional Aboriginal Dreamtime story (a Creation myth) from Northern Australia. Oak Class listened to the story and discussed the role of the different characters before creating a large, collaborative piece of artwork to cover the classroom door.

The children learned more about the culture of the indigenous people of Australia before designing their own Aboriginal Dot Art picture. 

" The Aborigines are the indigenous people of Australia. This means that they were the first people there (they were born there)." - Heather 

"Dreamtime is the spiritual belief of the Aborigines. Dreamtime stories explain how animals, plants, water sources and other natural things were formed by spirit beings." - Elisha  

"In Australia it is very hot, but most people live by the coastline because it is a bit cooler." - Leyla