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Castle Acre Primary School

Y6 Residential - September 2019

Y6 spent a fab three days at Caythorpe Hall in Lincolnshire partaking in lots of activities. The weather was superb and all of the children thoroughly enjoyed their stay.

"At PGL it was really fun. The best activity in my opinion was the giant swing because I love heights!" - Etholle

"I loved the residential at PGL. My favourite activity was fencing and I got to the final. Bosco won!" - Lewis

"At PGL my favourite activity was the raft building. We made rafts and sailed them on the lake." - Ivy

"At the residential, my favourite part was the raft building because I was the first one to fall in the water. It was cold and wet and I think I felt a fish!" - Summer

"I enjoyed the Y6 residential. The best part was Jacob's Ladder. It was 10-12 metres high and I was the only one who went to the top." - Dylan

"I loved PGL. My favourite activity was raft building because we got soaked and saw big fish coming up to the surface." - Bosco

"I enjoyed PGL. I enjoyed the activities and how they were all different and fun. My favourite was the giant swing." - Eddy